PTSA Grants

History of PTSA Grants Committee:  The PHS PTSA Grants Committee is charged with distributing designated funds in ways that will benefit the PHS community. Since February 1997, over $38,000 has been awarded for over 90 projects.

Who can apply?  Student Groups, PHS committees, coaches, teachers, staff and others who are part of the PHS community.

What kinds of projects have been funded in the past?  Batteries, charger and 3D printer pads for Robotics Club; balsa wood airplane kits for Science Olympiad; CD players for voice class and choirs; painting supplies for Mural Club, coin/bill sorters; Raku firing kiln for ceramics program; yoga activity cards and headphones for 12:1:1 classes; music composition workshop; tripod for teleprompters in Broadcasting Studio; and many others.

What amount can be requested?  Any amount can be requested; however, funds are limited.  The total budget for this grant season is $2000, with approximately $1000 allotted for teacher/ administrator grants and $1000 for student grants.  Awards must be spent by May 30, 2022.  Past awards range from $50-$500.

When to apply?  We will begin to look at grant applications on Friday, January 28th.   Grants submitted after this date will be accepted on a rolling basis provided money is still available. 

When will I be notified?  The Grants Committee will review all applications based on the guidelines included in this email.  You will be notified by Monday, February 14th about the status of your application (grant approved or not approved).

Questions? Please contact Diana Abbott,

*Applications must be emailed to the PTSA at or returned to the PTSA mailbox. 


The funds allocated to the Grants Committee are to be used for the overall improvement of the quality of educational experience at Penfield High School.  To achieve this goal, the committee will use both the following guidelines and careful consideration of each grant when granting awards.

Each grant application will be assessed by:

1. Number of students impacted

2. Relation to core academics, such as math, language, science, social studies

3. Overall increase in quality to the program or environment

4. Relation to non-core curriculum and extra-curricular activities 

No consideration will be given for or against a request based on previous awards granted.  Each grant submitted shall be considered on its own merit.

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