Getting on the Same Page: Parenting and School Strategies that Help Elementary Children

Marc Nelson
Principal, Harris Hill Elementary School

For Parents of Pre-K through Grade 5

Parents and schools can work together to send consistent messages to elementary school children for intellectual support, social health, emotional support and the importance of good school and work habits. Be part of an interactive conversation to help the communication process at a time when children are developing attitudes and beliefs they will carry into middle school and beyond. Marc will share some techniques he used with his own daughters who have transitioned into middle and high school. Share with and learn from other parents about issues literally changing our children during a challenging yet rewarding time in their lives.

An educator for 20 years, Marc Nelson was a health education teacher, has coached both middle school and high school sports and holds multiple degrees and certifications in the educational field. Marc has been a Penfield Central School District administrator for 13 years, the last ten as Principal of Harris Hill Elementary, a 2008 recipient of a national “ Blue Ribbon” award for educational excellence. Marc has been married for 18 years and is the proud father of two teenage girls.

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