Keynote Address

Your Child is Supposed to Behave Like That: How Brain Development Indicates Behavior

Michelle Erklenz-Watts, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Education at St. John Fisher College

For All Attendees

Explore the stages of social and cognitive development birth through adolescence while connecting each age range to typical behaviors. Understand why certain behaviors are displayed at certain age levels and how those behaviors are necessary parts of a child’s development. We’ll see some of our children’s behaviors in ourselves – and be reassured that sometimes maddening behavior (in both of us!) is perfectly normal.

 Over the past twenty years, Dr. Erklenz-Watts has worked in the public school system, higher education and the private sector as a special education teacher, professor of education and psychological and neuropsychological test administrator.  In her work at St. John Fisher College, she enjoys contributing to the development of future teachers. Her websiteoutlines her consultant services to families and educators.

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