Keeping Your Elementary Children Safe Online

Pamela Scott Weaver
Director of Community Education

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children/New York Branch

For Parents of Pre-K through Grade 5

The world of technology is growing daily. Be informed in order to protect your children from the threat of victimization. Everyday, as children interact in Cyberspace, they are at risk from sexual predators, the exchange of child pornography and abduction. Learn about online dangers, social networking, cyber bullying, sexting, characteristics of Internet predators and victims, and how Internet safety resources such as the NetSmartz Workshop website can help prevent online victimization. NetSmartzKids is also available for kids.

Pamela Scott Weaver has presented abduction and sexual abuse prevention safety education programs for more than16 years, throughout New York State. These programs include utilizing the NetSmartz Workshop; teaching Internet safety to youth, teens, parents, teachers and law enforcement. She is a NY State approved instructor of the “Identification and Reporting of Child Abuse and Maltreatment” training, (9/00-present) and because of her social work background, has related professional experience in working with sexually abused children and their parents.

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