Eating on the Run: Healthy Meals for Busy Families

Katie Gleason, M.S.
Dietitian, Adjunct lecturer Monroe Community College

For All Attendees

Practice! Lessons! Rehearsal! Meetings! Games! Appointments! Seems like you spend the entire day in the car and seldom sit down for a meal together. How can "food on the run" be healthy AND fast? Get recipes, meal plans, shopping lists and online resources. Learn simple strategies for good nutrition, like the list of “Must Haves for Your Pantry.” Katie Gleason, who has four young children of her own, will give you practical guidance for planning and preparing healthy and delicious meals and snacks for your busy family.

 Katie Gleason,M.S. has over 15 years experience in the fitness field and has recently added a master's degree in nutrition to her repertoire. Katie creatively crafts individualized food and fitness programs for today's busy families. Katie enjoys watching clients reap big rewards from small changes.

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