Cyber Bullying, Social Media and Online Safety for Middle and High School

FBI Cyber Special Agent

For Parents of Grades 6-12

Keeping up with social media and the other ways adolescents and teens communicate online is nearly impossible for the average parent. Your children are not always aware of the dangers that accompany their travels on the web or don't comprehend - or care about -- possible consequences. Cyber bullying is insidious, and only the tip of the iceberg. How can a parent stay on top of this sometimes disturbing part of the world in which middle and high school students live? Learn directly from the FBI what's legal and what isn't, what dangers are out there and what you can do to combat threats to your children's safety.

The FBI is actively engaged daily throughout the United States and internationally in fighting all types of criminal activity taking place over the internet, to include those crimes involving the exploitation of children. These crimes are also taking place in the Rochester, New York, area and your local FBI office is proactively involved in an effort to eliminate cyber crime, especially when it comes to the well being of our children.

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